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A healthy lifestyle like a balanced diet, exercise regularly, sufficient sleep can maintain your immune system to defend against diseases. Thus, your diet becomes crucial to your health. You should be careful about the following foods and drinks that can weaken your immune system.

Various types of alcohol on a white background.

(1) Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is not only bad for your liver. It can also damage your immune system. Excessive alcohol decreases the number and the function of white blood cells in your body. Eventually, these white blood cells are unable to kill off cancer cells. Drinking alcohol can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Regular sleep cycle supports your immune system to function well. Limit yourself to drink 1-2 of glasses of alcoholic beverage per day.

Aerial view of various coffee

(2) Caffeine Beverages

A cup of coffee can boost your energy in the morning. However, consuming caffeine continuously can lower your immune function. Moreover, sufficient amounts of sleep are vital to keeping your immune system healthy. Minimize your drinking or stay away from caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, tea and energy drink. Coffee is a highly acidic drink that may lead to inflammation.

Plastic bottles of assorted carbonated soft drinks in variety of colors

(3) Soda

It is no surprise that soda destroys our immune system. The high sugar level of soda can accelerate the releases of insulin and cortisol, which lowers the production of white blood cells and weaken the immune system. Excess sugar will be transformed into fat that hinders the absorption of nutrients and increases the burden of the digestive system.

Various canned products in tin cans on a wooden tray. On a rustic background.

(4) Processed Foods

Processed foods like instant noodles, pickled and canned foods are high in sodium and contain artificial ingredients. Also, the aluminum cans contain “Bisphenol A (BPA)” that can leach into the foods. BPA is a hormone disruptor to damage your immune system. Eat raw and eat fresh! Foods act as your body’s first line of defense.


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