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1. Eating too much meat and too little fibre

We are always too busy to our diet management. And, meaty food is all around us, like burger, hotdog, steak, meat with rice; then, we gradually forget about vegetables or ignore balanced diet. To keep a healthy bowel movement, every adult needs at least 25g of fibre daily. If you want to boost your intake of fibre, why not add some fibre rich food in your diet, such as, sweet potato, orange, apple, broccoli, nuts, green peas, nuts, bananas, carrots, spinach, red beet as well as cauliflower.

Great concept of healthy eating, vegetables with happy faces with arms up, potato, sweet potato, carrot. Gray background, polished concrete.

2. Eating too fast

We are at the age of multitasking, we can’t stop playing our device during eating. We want to finish our meal as soon as possible. However, it will cause pain or discomfort as our stomach does not have enough time to expand. Besides, unnecessary air would be swallowed into our stomach which would cause us feeling bloated.

woman having lunch in cafe with laptop on table.

3. Always chewing gum

You may think chewing gum is harmless and somehow it helps to relax and keeps your mouth refreshing. Yet, it might cause constipation when your digestive system is not healthy enough. Why? It leads to swallow excessive air when you are chewing gum. Even worst, added artificial sweeteners would make your stomach more bloated.

Young Girl Chewing Bubble Gum Concept

4. Over cleansing your bowels

Some people may think that regularly cleansing intestines by using laxatives herbs or medicine.  Contrary to your expectation, this will over work your bowel and also cause you diarrhea. What’s more? Diarrhoea would make you dehydrated and lose many of the good microorganisms for your digestive system. It does more harm than good!

A woman is sitting on toilet with diarrhea or constipated pain concept

5. Eating just before you go to bed

It’s really common to work over-time nowadays. Are you one of those who have meal right before sleep? It may lead you to heartburn and acid reflux. To avoid this, you should have your meal or any food at least 3-4 hours before sleep. You are suggested to put some cushions to make your feet a bit higher than your head.

Young Asian man working while eating with his laptop in restaurant


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