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You may not find yourself fat in your arms and legs, yet, your tummy is relatively bigger. What is the problem? You may gain visceral fat from your daily bad habits. What does visceral fat mean? They are hidden fat wraps around your major organs, such as including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.  Don’t overlook the harms from visceral fat, excessive fat cells may cause you a higher risk of chronic disease. Let’s check out bad habits that make you gain visceral fat and get rid of it!

1. Addicted to snacking

Eating chips on the couch and enjoy a few episodes is very tempting. However, it is the root of getting visceral fat for most people.  Chips, chocolate, and biscuits are both processed food with high in fat, sugar and salt, so, you are ingesting yourself extra calories to your body and your major organs too!

Assortment of unhealthy snacks. Diet or weight control concept. Space for text

2. Irregular exercise routine

We all know the benefits of doing exercise, losing weight is promising if you even just spend 30 minutes for a good session work-out. when you start to work out, you may find your waist is the first thing started to be noticed. Yes, it got thinner. Why? It is because when you do exercise, your muscle will start will spend energy from your belly fat. On the flip side, if you stop exercise, fat will be stored in your belly instead of anywhere else.

Sports woman doing jumping and stretching workout outdoors. Full length of healthy young african fitness woman doing exercise at rocky beach.

3. Your gut is not healthy

When your gut is not healthy, you feel you are bloated all the time. It means that your gut doesn’t have enough good bacteria, and that is the reason why you gain visceral fat. What do you have to do? Adding probiotics into your diet will definitely help, you can do it by having yogurt as your breakfast. Or, you may add a probiotics supplement to balance your gut health.


Plain full-fat yogurt (Greek Yogurt) on slate background.

4. You sleep less than 8 hours

As we all know, there are many disadvantages of not having enough sleep. It caused stressed and bad mood. But, why is it related to visceral fat? Since when you are sleep deprived, you would crave for unhealthy food (i.e. Burger, French fries, Fried rice and etc.) to boost your mood. Besides, you may feel less energy to work-out.

Depressed woman in bed with hand on forehead

Too busy to achieve all of them, why not apply some supplements into your daily routine?


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