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If your New Year resolution is to lose some kilograms in 2019, how is your progress? You may have a splendid beginning, then you find yourself in a bottle neck to shred your target weight.  “You can’t change the result without doing something different”. You may not know some exercises have better after burn effect that can help you to maximize your calories burning.

1. Interval Treadmill Workout

When you are doing a 30 minutes session of treadmill workout with the same speed, you burn calories in a comfortable way. Yet, to maximize the after burn effect, you have to increase your exercise intensity and its duration so that your metabolism can go up even your workout is finished. So, you can start treadmill workout with moderate intensity in the first five minutes, then increase incline 1-2 increments every minutes. Keep switching the speed for 3 set of interval.

Picture of people doing cardio training on treadmill in gym

2. Tabata Training

You have heard about HIIT(High-intensity interval training), doing it 7 minutes a day helps you to burn calories effectively.  Tabata training is one of the form can achieve this calories burning effect and after burn effect. When it comes to Tabata training, you are required to work as hard as you can in 20 seconds, such as Puddlejumpers, Burpees, Mountain Climbers and Plyo-Jacks. Then, you can rest for 10 seconds. This allows your hearts get pumping to achieve the afterburn effect!

Group workout, activity, healthy lifestyle, sport, weight loss, tabata, endurance, perfect shape. Sportswomen doing abdominal crunches to get six-pack abs

3. Outdoor Circuit Workout

Outdoor workouts are nice, but they can get a little boring. One way to spice them up while creating more afterburn is to sprinkle some high-intensity moves throughout your walk or run. You’ll do sprints and/or hill climbs, depending on your terrain, and some plyometric moves that will work every muscle in your body and send your heart rate soaring.

Young child plays and climbs near Mt Whitney, California

4. Mixed Interval Workout – Threshold and Aerobic Intervals

This mixed interval includes high-intensity intervals, alternating speed and hill or resistance work as well as longer aerobic intervals.  The differences between the aerobic intervals are subtle, so pay attention to your intensity and make adjustments throughout the intervals to stay within the suggested perceived exertion. You can do this workout on any cardio machine or even outside if you’re walking, running, or cycling.

Cropped shot of women working out with exercise bikes in a exercising class at the gym


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