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You want to have a pair of toned legs not only do it make you look good, but it also a vital body part to support your daily life activities, such as your professional presentation, your sporty habits, your Friday night dace and etc. if the circulation of your legs is poor, your legs will not be powerful enough to perform well. How to get strong and toned legs without hassle? Let’s get started with these simple exercises!

1) Raise them up

You can simply do this exercise on your bed without any equipment. Lay your back and keep spine on the bed first. After that, extend your legs; raise them up to 90 degrees. Hold your legs as long as you can, then lower them to your bed slowly. Repeat this movement for five minutes. This exercise not only can tone your legs, but also enhance the stability of your core.

Portrait of smiling beautiful young model working out in loft interior, doing stretching warmup, yoga exercise on mat, supta paschimottanasana. Sport active lifestyle concept. Full length, side view

2) Lunge like a Ballerina

This exercise is inspired by the ballerina. Firstly, step your left foot forward and place your right foot at the back, heels are at the ground. Then, lift your heels off ground gradually, hold for three seconds. Repeat this movement for 20 times with the same rhythm.

Cropped shot of a group of young girls practicing ballet together in a dance studio

3) Pilates to Tone Legs

Lay your back and keep spine straight on the bed first. Tighten your core muscle, and then pull knee to the core. Then, bound your left legs with your arms, hold for 10-15 seconds. If you can feel the tightness of your thigh, you are doing it correctly. Repeat this movement of each leg for five times.

Top view of young beautiful young woman in sportswear doing stretching while lying on exercise mat at gym

4) Massage them up

It is important that your legs looking great, but feeling great is equally important. Your legs deserve gentle massage to improve the circulation and get rid of the waste and toxins. After using the foot roller to massage your legs, you can oil your legs up by coconut oils so that your legs would look better too!

Young woman massaging her pain foot. Health care concept


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