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When we think about fast food, high calorie and saturated fat count may come to our mind first. But sometimes, when you’re in a hurry and need to grab a quick meal. Is there any healthy fast food option? Here’s the survival guide on finding the healthiest fast food option.

Two biracial Asian, Caucasian  teen girls  or youmg women eating hamburgers outdoors at sunset by lake in urban area, talking and smiling

What’s the main principle when choosing healthy fast food?

The healthiest fast food should be high in protein, low in carbs, sodium, saturated fat, and sugar.

If you go to a supermarket or convenience shop to buy your lunch like sandwiches, remember to study the nutrition information.

If you go to a takeaway, you should choose fresh food and vegetable that’s grilled or steamed, avoid fried food and add extra toppings like cheese, mayonnaise.

By making simple swaps and adjustments, you can find the healthiest fast food options more quickly. For example, choose salad instead of fries with dressing on the side, try on tea, water, Americano coffee instead of soft drinks.


Fries, milkshakes are high in calories with a lot of unhealthy fat and sugar that you should avoid.

Fast food calories, fries, donuts, burger, pizza slice, milkshake

Check out the zero calories food below.

Also, you can ask for removing the top or sauces from the burger, sandwich or salad. As a result, these simple and easy swaps can contribute to healthy eating habits


So, below are the healthiest fast food options you should try.

Healthiest Fast Food options

Diary-Free Smoothie

Fruit smoothies in plastic cups with blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry, raspberry and banana on blue background. Take away drinks

Try on some low-sugar smoothies that are made from soybeans, oat milk, fresh vegetables or fruit rich in antioxidants like berries. Not only you can get in plant protein, but also filling fibres. These ingredients can improve your digestive health, boost your brainpower and immune system.

Veggie Burger, Warp or Sandwich

Grilled vegetable and haloumi burger with romaine lettuce on wooden table


Go for plant protein-based meat or plant-based ingredients like chickpeas, peppers, mushrooms and corn. Beans like chickpea is a great way to get plant protein. Moreover, veggie sandwiches contain less sodium which is good for our hearts.

Salad with Fresh Vegetable, Grilled Chicken or Fish

Closeup of fresh creamy caesar dressing salad with chopped vegetables romaine lettuce greens and grilled chickens strips in tray carton as quick fast lunch in car on road trip

Look for salads that contain grilled fish or chicken with different colours of fresh vegetables. It’s tasty and includes enough fibres, protein and healthy fats. Skipping the dressing also helps to lower the fat intake.


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