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Now that you’re wearing a face mask and you suddenly realize you have bad breath? The reason why you have bad breath is that you aren’t keeping your mouth clean enough. Here are the most common ways to keep your breath fresh.

Eat less sugar

We all love candy, cake or cookies. But sugar is actually affecting your breath. Gummies and caramels are considered the sticky candies that are the worst sweets for your teeth and breath. So it is suggested to eat less sugar to keep your breath fresh. If you really want to eat something sweet, plain chocolate could be your alternative.

Assortment of products with high sugar level like candies, gummy candies, soda, donuts, chocolate, lollipop, wafers and cupcakes on rustic wooden table. Low key DSLR photo taken with Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Canon EF 24-105 mm f/4L

Drinking more water

Water is actually a natural cleanser for your mouth. It helps relieve dry mouth and produce the saliva. If it is lack of saliva, the bad breath will continue. When you drink more water, you can wash away the food particles that remain in your mouth after eating and keep your mouth refresh. Drinking water before gatherings and big event can help your breath stay fresh!

Close up pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table in living room

Brush your teeth and tongue

Brushing your teeth at least twice is important to dislodge bacteria that settle and thrive in your mouth. Also, after you have given your teeth a good brushing, you should focus on your tongue. It can help remove the odor-causing buildup. So it is suggested to brush not only your teeth but also the entire top surface of the tongue using gentle pressure to avoid bad breath.

Ready for clening teeth, toothbrush and toothpaste close up

Floss to remove food between teeth

You may think that flossing is an extra step that is unnecessary to your hygiene routine. But it is actually essential to keep your breath fresh. Brushing your teeth helps remove the bacteria on the front, but it can’t get to the area between the teeth. It helps remove the food particles trapped in between teeth and keep your breath fresh.

Oral hygiene and health care. Smiling women use dental floss white healthy teeth.


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