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When it comes to the bikini season, everyone wants to be as fit as Hollywood celebrities, show off your toned body at the beach. Yet, you cannot be fit without a measurable method to track your outcomes. You may hear S.M.A.R.T methodology at work all the time. Why not apply this method to your fitness goals to strive for success!

1. Be “Specific” with your goals

When we checked on influencers or celebrities on social media, we always get a very vague idea of getting fit, such as “Oh, I want to be as fit as her!” or “ I wish I could slim thighs like her”. This kind of goals won’t get you anywhere, you have to narrow down your ideal outcomes, such as lose weight in X week, work out  X times weekly. Being specific with your goals would lead you on the right track without getting lost too much.

Slim girl bodybuilder centimeter measuring her waist in a gym. Sports concept, fat burning and a healthy lifestyle.

2. Make your goals “Measurable”

Being specific is just the first step, what’s next? You have to make your goals measurable. For example, you may set your weight loss goal as losing 5 kilograms within 2 months. By doing this, you can measure your outcomes in a certain time frame. If you find running 2 miles a day cannot change anything, then you will push yourself to run 5 miles a day in order to reach your goal. With quantitative goals, you can always know your progress and how to speed it up.

Female Runner Looking At Her Mobile And Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

3. Ensure your goals are “Attainable”

We always want everything to be done in a blink of eyes, we want to be productive and efficient. Yet, we all experienced this we felt discouraged when we have an unattainable target, be it in the workplace, in personal development or fitness. You cannot expect yourself to lose 10 kilograms in a month when you know you are too busy to go to the gym. So, what to do? When you set your goals, make sure they are attainable considering with your schedule and fitness level. If you are running beginner, you may run 3 miles a week first. After reaching this milestone, you can add some challenge for yourself so that you can get close to your ultimate goal step by step.

Ottawa, Canada - May 25, 2013: Runners lined up at the start of the Ottawa Race Weekend 5km run as seen on the corner of Laurier Street and Elgin Street

4. Make your goals “Relevant” with your activity

You must go through a tough time when you commit yourself with a fitness goal. It’s always tempted to give up in the process, or you may ask yourself the reason for constraining your diet or sweating in the gym. So, you need to give your fitness goals some meaning with your daily lives, be it short term or long term. For examples, you want to be in good shape so you feel more confident when you are doing the presentation.

Oversea woman college student making a presentation in front of classroom

5. Push your goals in a “Timely” manner

Imagine your boss gives you a task without a deadline, what would you do? Most of us would procrastinate the task as long as you can. So, you also need to give your goal a reasonable deadline in order to achieve your goals. For instance, you may set your goals as running half-marathon in 6 months. Then, you bring your plan with “S.M.A.R.T” method that enable yourself to stay consistent with your fitness routine, then the outcomes will follow whatever they are!


don’t miss the deadline concept handwritten on chalkboard with vintage precise stopwatch used instead of O


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