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Everyone spends time on picking the right shoes, outfit, makeup and even hairstyle based on different occasions day-to-day. But how about the right fragrance? Your scent is as important as the way you look. It can create a perfect impression on every occasion. Here are the easy tips.

Everyday Work

Fragrance in office is the thing that your colleagues will get noticed when the scent enters the office before you come by. It will be your remarkable and unique scent represents yours. Also, the fragrance sometimes is a sensitive issue for many. The option for workplace scents should be with light floral and fruit notes that won’t cause your workplace neighbor distracting.

Note suggestion: vanilla, Citrus, Leather, Woody, honey, pear

Half-turned portrait of cute calm peaceful feeling comfort coziness pretty tender gentle expert qualified travel agent having rest holding tasty fresh cup of tea in hands sitting at the desktop

Weekend/ Holiday

TGIF! It’s time to play, relax and enjoy! You may have already planned the perfect schedule to make good use of your non-working time. The scent to make you feel energized is important during the holiday. Sweet and fruity note is highly recommended to boost your energy up throughout the day.

Note suggestion: Orange, grapefruit, peach, rose

Woman smelling tropical pink flowers

Date night

It is all about the first impression. To ensure this will be a romantic date night, let’s leave a long-lasting scent in the mind of your companion. You may pick some unique notes like coconut and pomegranate for the special fragrance that you date hasn’t smelled before. Classic grapefruit and floral scents represent you are youthfulness and energetic. Woody and the notes of amber can show your sense of maturity.

Note suggestion: coconut, pomegranate, grapefruit, floral, vanilla, Citrus

young woman applying perfume by the window

Job interview/ Business Meeting

The key is –  don’t overdo it since the strong scent will only distract others in such an important meeting. To give a sensible, dependable, and creative impression on this kind of occasion, woody scent is the perfect scent for representing your maturity and sincerity.

Note suggestion: woody, patchouli, oak

Business meeting. High angle view.

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