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Indie beauty is a fast-growing segment that affects the beauty trend significantly. It also represents a culture and a lifestyle. Generally, most of the indie beauty brands are independently-owned. Indie beauty brands connect with different communities via their high quality and sustainable products. Let’s introduce some upcoming trends of indie beauty!

Clean Beauty

1. Clean Beauty

Since consumers are becoming health-conscious, they do care about the ingredients of makeup and skincare products. That’s why clean beauty products are rising. “Clean beauty” means the products are made by natural or man-made non-toxic ingredients and paraben-free. Whole production process is cruelty-free, eco-friendly and unharmful to environment and human being. Even the packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

Inner Beauty Supplement

2. Inner Beauty Supplement

The awareness of inner beauty is growing. More consumers concern the connection of outer beauty and inner wellness. Beauty products are invading fitness and wellness industries. More inner beauty supplements with different benefits like vitamins, collagen drinks, protein powders, vegan supplements and probiotics are on shelves.

Athleisure Beauty

3. Athleisure Beauty

For the selfie generation, there is an increasing demand for athleisure beauty products. Athleisure beauty offers sweat-proof makeup for exercising such as built-in SPF tinted moisturisers, sweat-proof mascaras, long lasting lipsticks, etc. And, post-workout beauty products such as dry shampoos, face and body cleansing swipes for refreshing.

Men's Beauty

4. Men’s Beauty

Men’s beauty is an emerging beauty market. Different beauty brands launch makeup, grooming and personal care products for men to blur the boundaries between genders. More young men think that wearing a natural makeup can be more confident to express their authentic self. Their attitudes toward appearance are changing dramatically. They keen on pursuing flawless skin with using makeup and skincare products.


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