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Check out our editor’s picks and product reviews on the Best Exclusive Cosmetic Brand of the Year: SADA from Watsons HWB Award 2021.

Sada By Cathy Sharon Telu Perfect Browliner

Sada By Cathy Sharon Telu Perfect Browliner, Watsons HWB Award 2021

This 3-in-1 eyebrow liner is very comprehensive and easy to use. It consists of a pencil to draw the eyebrow shapes, a concealer to modify the shape and a brush to make the eyebrow more natural.

The product I have tried is 01 shade. It’s a grey colour and suitable for people who have black hair. The pencil can be removed by the cleansing water easily while the eyebrow gel is not.

Sada By Cathy Sharon Telu Perfect Browliner testing

“Really waterproof. The result is thick. Easy to use. Easy to carry around.”


SADA BY CATHY SHARON Khelir Cotton Liptint

Sweer Sica is a coral shade with a hint of peach. It’s suitable for a daily, causal look.

Luscious Lana is an eye-catching berry red, it’s more better for a night makeup. It can make you stand out in the crowd.

The Rosy Rosi is a lovely pink colour that you should wear on when you have a date. It’s makes you looks sweet and cute.

SADA BY CATHY SHARON Khelir Cotton Liptint , testing on arms

These lip tints are a gel-based formula with a sweet melon smell. The texture is light and thin. Therefore, it can provide a buildable and vivid lip colour.

With the ingredients of Vitamin E, Shea butter, Coconut Extract and Honey Extract, it can nourish your lip with enough moisturization.

The lip tint is very long lasting as I tried to use cleansing water and found it a bit difficult to remove the colour completely.

“This lipstick is just like the name cotton, so it’s really soft on the lips. From the many liptints I’ve tried, it seems that this brand is the only one that’s really hard to remove. I’ve used micellar water, I’ve used an oil cleanser, I’ve done that too… but don’t slide it on It has a gel texture and doesn’t dry out the skin. Smudge-proof, waterproof, and smells like Yosan gum.”

SADA BY CATHY SHARON Lekat Glamify Setting Spray

SADA BY CATHY SHARON Lekat Glamify Setting Spray

The setting spray helps to make your makeup to be more long lasting. The texture is watery and quite moisture. The spray also can soothe the irritation as it contains Turmeric Extract. It claimed that it can protect the makeup for 12 hours and absorb the sebum.

SADA BY CATHY SHARON Lekat Glamify Setting Spray, testing on hand

“I expected this setting spray to mattify and lock my makeup but it turns out that it has a glowy finish and for my combination skin, it gets really oily when it’s been a while but I like to use this to moisturize my face before applying foundation or concealer.”


Editor’s Info

KK, 25-30 years old, Aquarius

Oily skin

Love to study and share the knowledge of skincare


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