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Yoga becomes one of the popular exercises in the world. You can practice yoga anytime, anywhere! It offers you physical and mental health benefits through different yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercise. Let’s check out the upcoming yoga trends now! 

Young slim woman practicing fly yoga asana and stretching over white background in fitness gym, copy space, crop. Health, sport, yoga concept

(1) Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is the next big yoga trend in 2019. With the support of a hammock or rope hanging from the ceiling, you can practice different yoga poses effortlessly like floating in the air. Aerial yoga offers a wide range of health benefits. Your joints and back are relieved while your body is suspending in mid-air. It can also strengthen your core and improve balance.

Young Businesswoman Sitting On Chair Doing Meditation

(2) Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a deep-breathing practice on a chair. This type of yoga is great for beginners, the elderly, even people who are recovered from injuries. A chair is used to support different sitting and standing yoga poses. Chair yoga is a good way to relax and take a break in a busy working environment. Chair yoga helps to find out your inner strength through the mindfulness of breaths and vibrations rather than physical strength.

Young Caucasian woman doing yoga in the tropical forest

(3) Eco Yoga

Eco Yoga emphasizes on spending your life outside to connect with nature and get the source of energy. Eco yoga brings you out of chaotic life. It allows you to breathe in the fresh air and remind you are one with the world. Practicing yoga outdoor can boost your mood and relieve stress. Let’s take the yoga mat outside to the park for practicing yoga this weekend!   

Yoga. Athletic young woman practicing advanced yoga sports training. Yoga wheel poses. Gymnastics exercise. Fitness, stretching training. Health club.

(4) Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is a good yoga partner. This plastic wheel can provide support for your back to challenge various difficult yoga poses. It helps to deepen your backbends. Yoga wheel also assists you to practice forearm stands, which helps to steady your body and improve stability while your legs are up.


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