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You don’t have a clue why you wake up in a bad mood. Period! Yet, we all experienced the morning that every single thing goes against your wish!  When you feel low, you don’t feel good with your hair and your skin. What to do? It is essential that you perk up your mood by making yourself look great. Sounds difficult? Girls, let’s learn some easy makeup ideas to calm yourself down and stay cool!

Depressed young woman sitting on bed

1) Stay cool and calm!

Most girls wake up in a bad mood as they are overstressed! Hence, you need to first calm yourself down with a very confident make up! According to study, some colours can be associated with feeling calm, cool and quiet, such as, light blue, white and light green. Why not apply little white eyeliner and mixed together with some blue? On the other hand, don’t forget your red lipstick! Not only does it make you look stylish, it also makes you look very confident!

women makeup

2) Be energetic!

You never see an energetic person who is not happy! So, get some energy for yourself!What colours is associated energy? Red, yellow and orange is associated with passion, strength, power and fresh. Applying blush on your cheek definitely helps you to look very refresh. Adding the perfect red or orange lipstick can pull your look together! Besides, you can’t be wrong with the sharp red nails too. Yet, you should avoid those colours make you look less lively, such as, brown, deep blue and grey!

young beautiful woman with Makeup Brush

3) Be inspired!

You are always inspired to live with more passion! Why not be a little creative with your makeup? Tired of using just one shade of eye-shadow? Try out the violet shadow together with gold wash colour; you may look more confident and elegant!

Close-up image of young asian woman eye with bright violet makeup


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