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It would be challenging for dry and sensitive skin to apply daily makeup. To avoid your skin from becoming drier after the makeup, powders shouldn’t pack in your bag for sure. And the right makeup products are important to keep your skin hydrated. Here you go the makeup essentials for your dry skin.


You may wonder why moisturizer should be accounted as makeup essentials. It is necessary for dry skin to complete their makeup routine. Moisturizer can help to make your skin hydrated for a long period. People who with dry skin should better apply it before the makeup.

Cropped portrait of a beautiful young woman applying moisturizer to her skin in the bathroom at home


The function of primer is just like a canvas for your face to stay smooth. Then, you skin won’t look dull because of the dryness. A good primer can make your skin glow all day.

Young woman doing makeup. Skin care concept.

Liquid foundation

Remember that dry skin should not apply the makeup with powder formula. Otherwise, you skin will look drier than you think. Liquid foundation should be your option to maintain a long-lasting coverage to create a perfect makeup look.

Cream Blush

Blush will always perfect your makeup to match your face and body with the same colour tone. And you look healthy when you are with the blush. So it is a makeup essential for everyday look. As mentioned, you should stay away from any powder formula if you have a dry skin. Then, you should choose a blush with cream formula to give your cheek colour lasting long.


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