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How to avoid dry and cakey makeup? You may make some common mistakes when you are applying powder to the face. Learn more tips to apply powder correctly.

Mistake #1: Apply powder to your whole face

People with oily skin tend to have higher visible shine in their face than others. Most of them are applying powder all over the face to keep away shiny and last the makeup longer. However, mattifying your whole face will make your complexion flat with an unnatural finish. You should apply powder to your oily face areas like T-zone, nose, eyelids and chin.

face care of young woman

Mistake #2: Set your makeup at last

What is your final step of makeup routine? Most people apply the powder to set their makeup at last. However, it is not the best way to last the makeup throughout the day. The optimal way is applying translucent setting powder after every layer of base makeup. You should set your makeup with powder after applying foundation and again after applying concealer. This helps the beauty products last longer.

Mistake #3: Using the wrong type of powder

There are many different types of face powder, such as loose powder, pressed powder and translucent powder. Do you know the differences between them? How to use them properly? Loose translucent powder is used for baking or setting the makeup. It is good at giving a soft-focus and more even complexion. A pressed powder is used for touch-ups. It can provide a more precise finish and higher coverage.

Girl with makeup brushes

Mistake #4: Do not sweep off the excess powder

If you apply too much powder to set the makeup, this will dry out your skin and lead to cakey makeup. Remember to sweep off any excess powder with a clean makeup brush or dap a moist beauty blender all over your face after applying powder. This helps you to set the makeup with a natural finish and avoid flaky makeup.


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