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Dark circles can be tricky to conceal. If you are struggling to cover your dark circles, keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to cover under-eye circles the right way.        

#1 Colour correct

If you have really dark circles, consider layering a colour corrector underneath your concealer. Finding the right shade is key when you’re colour correcting. Go for peach shades that can cancel out darkness and the blue-ish tint under the eyes. Apply lightly with your fingertips, and the warmth of your skin will help blend the product with your skin tone. 

Palette with different makeup correctors on black background

#2 Mix eye cream/serum with concealer

If you have a full coverage concealer that is getting a little dry or cakey, mixing a little eye cream or serum can help the concealer melt into skin beautifully. Simply dab it directly on your dark circles with your fingers. The warmth of your hands will make it much easier to blend so it glides on smoothly.


#3 Use an upside-down triangle

The easiest trick to apply concealer is to draw an inverted triangle that points down toward your cheek, rather than dotting or swiping it along your under-eye area. Using this “triangle method” can brighten and conceal the entire area and create the illusion of a lifted, more youthful, more wide-awake eye area.

#4 Highlight to brighten up

The final step is to use a fluffy brush to dust a yellow loose powder or undereye brightening powders under your eyes. The shade brightens the entire area for a more bright-eyed look and sets the cream for a long-lasting finish. 

Close-up of crushed mineral shimmer powder golden color with makeup brush on white background

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