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When it comes to date night, it is always full of excitement for us to look forward. Whether you are going to have a date night with your partner, husband, ex-boyfriend or first date, it is always more enjoyable to bring out the best of yourself. You may wonder what the best make-up look is for your date. We have come up with some ideas for you to spice up your date! Let’s check it out now.


1. Mysterious Smokey Eye

Having the mysterious smokey eyes is one of the most effortless ways to draw your date’s attention. It leads your date to stare you all night long in order to know the mystery from your eyes. And, it is appropriate for different kinds of date, such as movie date, dinner date as well as an art jamming session. More importantly, you can simply apply dark shadow to achieve this look, you can apply brown, dark or purple palette help you to smoke out the look!


2. Classic Red Lip

Hot colour comes and goes easily, yet, the classic red lipstick is all time favourite for both men and women. No matter you want to have a glossy red lip or a matte one, it helps your lips look plumped and gorgeous. Moreover, a classic red lip is easy to match with all kind of make-up.


3. Natural Glowing Skin

When “no make-up” make-up became a universe popular trend, you know that how people are obsessed with natural and authentic in their lives. How to achieve this? It is about to minimize the contour on your face and simply focus on hydrated, glowing and natural skin.

Beautiful woman healthy skin care concept portrait close up on beige background. Studio shot.

4. Romantic Hair Style

No matter what kind of hair style you are going to have, the most promising thing is to make sure you will have a good hair day. Hence, you may start your hair treatment the night before your date. Treat your hair with mask and serum might help your hair look volumize so that it is easier to get your romantic hair styles done.


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