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You find it fun to have sharp mascara, glittery eyeshadow or bright lipstick to make you stand out. But some days you may just want a natural makeup to show your natural beauty. Makeup with earth tone colour can let you shine as well. Read on to find out more.

Earth tone blush

Cheek colour is one of the easiest ways to apply your natural makeup. Especially for the Asian women, earth tone colour like chocolate brown looks absolutely gorgeous with warmer skin tones.

Beautiful woman with natural make-up

How to choose the right earth tone blush for cheek

Every beauty brand has several blush colour options to choose. With warmer skin tones, you may wonder which earth tone colour is suitable. Since we all have different skin tones, it is suggested to try the blush colour with your foundation on. Look for a shade that closely matches your natural cheek color. You will find out which colour is the best and let your natural makeup perfect.

Set of eyeshadow isolated on white

How to apply blush correctly

Applying the blush correctly could make you look healthy and awake. Here are the simple steps to help you out.


1.Brush transparent powder over your cheeks first to ensure you won’t get blotchy later.

2.Lightly dip your brush on powdered blush, then tap it once or twice to remove any excess.

3.Look into the mirror and smile to find out where the apple of your cheek is.

4.Sweep blush to the apples of your cheek in one direction.

Beautiful woman face powders, and apply blush to the cheekbones

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