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In the era of social media, you would like to share every bit of your daily life with your friends and even strangers. What’s more? You want to be seen as an inspiration of life in different aspects, be it traveling, lifestyle or beauty and makeup. If you are nodding your head hard, you must read below tips on what all dos and don’ts on Instagram in order to conquer more likes and followers!

Do put more gloss

Whether you’re wearing it on your lips, eyelids or embracing a glitter-free, wet-looking highlight, the gloss is back. It’s different than the thick, sticky formulas of the early 2000’s. Today, you can find gloss so soft it almost applies like a lip oil, formulas that double as a long-lasting lip stain and high-shine formulas perfect for keeping your lips nourished and hydrated.


Do monochrome make-up

Monochrome make-up means matching the shades you wear on your eyes and lips, blush and even your nail polish. It’s also incredibly chic and an easy way to wear trendy shades all over. You can also try this trend no matter your skill level or the occasion. When it comes to monochrome make-up, pink, coral, and nude colour are easier to master it at the beginning.

Female face closeup. Red lips makeup with bright red lipstick on black background

Don’t filter too much

Being authentic is highly valued when there is too much information around us. Your audiences don’t like photos with too much filter effect. No matter how you want the photo looks better, you should try to avoid filter as much as possible. If you must need the filter, you can consider the black and white one as it can help hide everything from a bad sunburn or spray tan to red wine lips.


Don’t selfie too much

We know everybody likes to do selfie once it officially became a word in the dictionary. Yet, a selfie is only acceptable on a few occasions: if you work in fashion and are showcasing an outfit or specific part of an outfit for work purposes if you are somewhere awesome and there is no one to take your picture. Moreover, any selfie that involves the “kissy” face is not acceptable. 


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