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Have you ever taken a good look at all your lipsticks? Look at the tips. Are they flat? Rounded? Or arrow-pointed? Actually, the tip shape can somehow reveal quite a bit about you. Simply scroll down and see what your lipstick shape has to say about you.

#1 Rounded smooth

You are organized and tidy. You are one of those neat people who always make sure there’s no rubbish on your desk at work and at home. There should absolutely be no space at all for clutter on your desks. Keeping your house tidy and comfortable is just part of your daily routine. Yet, staying organized isn’t all about being uptight. You always cut some “me time” out for yourself to read a book, watch a movie or hit the gym.

beautiful young woman apply red lipstick, studio shot

#2 Flat-top

People often describe you as quick, intelligent, and funny. Your wit and sense of humour can win over people so easily that makes you a natural charmer. You are always pushing the boundaries and you’re never afraid to ask questions or take risks. For you, rules are meant to be broken. You are a blunt person and tell it like it is. You openly express your opinions and if anyone disagrees, so be it.

Attractive young woman looking at rearview mirror when applying bright red lipstick

#3 Arrow-pointed

The sharper the point, the more ambitious you are. You know exactly what you want in life. It’s easy for people to become overly content in career to the point where they stop looking for new and better opportunities. But certainly, you are not one of them. You tell it like it is, even to your closest friends. It doesn’t mean that you are cruel, though. You are a true friend who is never going to lie to your friends and spare their feelings.

#4 Rounded tip to a point

You are smart and sexy. This could make people around you jealous. They either love you or dislike you. But that doesn’t bother you at all. You just couldn’t care less about what others think about you. Nothing can stop you from doing something or taking a risk. You pursue your own interests without the fear of looking foolish or being judged by others.

close up of the beauty woman applying lipstick and looking at mirror

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