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Believe or not, women can have many forms to express their personality, such as the outfit, interests, the way they talk… and more importantly, the makeup they wear. Different makeup styles reflect who you are. Read on to find different personality types your makeup shows.


Natural means to keep makeup minimal, but enjoys showing her natural features. If you prefer the simple makeup, simply wear thin eyeliner and a nude glossy to show your natural beauty. This style creates a personality that you are not boring, but don’t like to stand out in the crowd.

Beauty Woman with perfect healthy skin Portrait.


The colour of purple is regarded as trendy and grand. Purple makeup like eyeshadow reflects the women who are not typical and usual. It is easy to be noticed and stand out and she enjoys going over the top as well.


Some women may have different makeup colour paired up every day, but please don’t think she is weird. She is an experimenter for sure. She loves to try new thing and every makeup is her new experiment. She doesn’t mean to stand out or to be noticed among the crowd. She just wants to have fun in her makeup routine every day.


The makeup with topical red lipstick and volume eyelash seems like the classic beauty. This kind of makeup style shows she pursues a typical romantic story like the one in old Hollywood in her lifetime. She may get hurt easily, but she is strong enough to heal herself and crave for the love she wants again.


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