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It’s a common norm that new year should be with a new outfit for creating “new me”. The year of 2019 is coming, which means it’s time to plan your New Year’s Eve outfit. Let’s get some inspirations to wear a stunning nail makeup for the upcoming party season!

Royal Glitter

Paint the base with the colour of deep blue, then add gold foil to create a royal and gorgeous nail on your new year’s eve.

Denim blue manicure with rhinestones and sequins.

Fairy tales

Purple is the colour combined with red and blue, which means it is combined with strong and cold colour and make it become an elegant and fancy imagination.

Snow manicure with the design of the white crumbs on violet brilliant varnish for the nails.

All-year red

Red is an all-season colour that make you stand out always. Polish some white pots on top to make it extravagant.

Winter manicure with red lacquer and white chips on the of the Christmas tree

Dark side of the moon

Matte style creates a cool and trendy look no matter who wearing them. Want to stay cool in the coming New Year? Polish nails with Matte pattern could help.

Stylish manicure and gift box close up. Female hands with fashion matte manicure holding red gift box close up. Female trendy nail design.

Sparkle heart

New Year’s Eve is the best time of sharing your love and sweetness to those you care. Let’s sparkle this feeling from your nails first. Add heart foil to design your unique “sweet heart”nails.

Manicure with rhinestones in the shape of hearts and pink balls on white and red nail Polish on a white background.

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