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This party season is all about “bling”. Trust me, just a hint of glitter can add that wow factor to your makeup look and it’s so much fun. Applying glitter is tricky though, especially on the lids… How to get the glittery eye makeup work for you without making a mess? Here are some tips and tricks on how to apply glitter eye makeup the smart way. Get ready to sparkle and make your twinkle eyes all night long!

Photo of a group of young women celebrating their youth, femininity  and friendship - tossing a confetti in the air while dancing

Trick #1 – Prime the area

First things first. Prime your skin where you will be applying the glitter with a “glitter glue” to help glitter stick to your eyelids. Want to use something you already have in your makeup bag?  A drop of eyelash glue will do the job. Dilute a drop of lash glue with a drop of water, and swipe it over your eyelids with a cotton swab. Wait until the glue starts to dry before applying glitter.

Female eye natural brush for shadows macro

Trick #2 – Minimize glitter mess

Glitter makes a mess. To prevent loose glitter from falling all over your face and party outfit, place a tissue under the eye to catch any fall-out. Then, dip your makeup brush in water before dipping it in the glitter, and that can also prevent glitter from falling out. Pat on the loose glitter, then keep your eyes closed for a moment to allow it to dry.

Set of glass jars with metallic glossy eye shadows on white background

Trick #3 – Seal the deal

Finally, use a setting spray to hold the glitter in place and prevent your makeup from smudging or fading. After all, nobody has time for a makeup meltdown during a party. Shake the bottle before use. Spray it on in both an “X” shape and a “T” shape, approximately 15 cm from your face.

Beauty eye close up with glitter Short dof

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