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Your lip color reflects a lot about your personality, and sometimes it empowers yourself to feel bold, confident and even tender. Whatever you feel, you need more than one lipstick in your beauty bag! Coral living is one of the hottest colors in the first half of 2019. How about another half of 2019? Are you ready to embrace new lip colors in the coming fall and winter?

1. Flashy Coral Color

Flashy coral is definitely the legacy of coral living from the first half of 2019. Adding a shade of flashy coral on your lips would make you look vibrant and vivid. It is perfectly good for a darker skin tone.


2. Pumpkin Red Color

To make a contrast of fall vibes, pumpkin red is the best color to make everything warmer. This lip color is a good match with a lighter skin tone. If you don’t feel comfortable to be too sharp in fall or winter, why not consider pumpkin red lipstick with a matte finish.

3. Oxblood Red Color

Fall is the season of the wine harvest, why not make your lip color associated with the red wine? Oxblood red is the color of the moment, it is a cool red that fits every skin tone. If you ever think oxblood is too dark, why not add a thin layer of clear gloss to make it shinier!


4. Fuchsia Color

“Every cloud has a silver lining!”, the same goes for fall or winter! Bright lip color like fuchsia is a lively flower in the dull winter days. To make it more playful, why not consider pairing it with a glossy finish! It is best for fair skin tone.


5. Matte Color

Winter is the best time for holidays, you need the lip color perfect for traveling. When it comes to holiday, matte color is the best lipstick you should put in your beauty bag! It is very comfortable to wear and suitable for every skin tone!


6. Two-toned Color

Are you bored with monochrome lip shade? You may consider two-toned color lipstick that has a great mix and match of artistic color for you to create gradation makeup! It simply makes you look glamorous and young!

7. Pale Mauve Color

Stray from normal neutrals and try a cooler shade like this demi-matte mauve that will look good on various skin tones. It’s full of hydrating ingredients and antioxidants to nourish your lips.


8. “No lipstick” lipstick Color

Being natural and authentic is a recent makeup trend. When it comes to “No lipstick” lipstick, it is the shade that simply enhances your lip’s natural color and keeps it hydrated.


9. Metallic Color

Winter is the festive and party season, metallic color is the comeback color for this season. Let’s be bold and playful on this special occasion!


10. Blush Pink

This soft pink shade will give your lips a just-been-kissed, flushed stain. If extra plumped-looking lips are your thing, you’ll appreciate how this luminous matte texture perks up your lips.


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