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No matter you are a makeup beginner, or a professional, liquid liner can still be one of the makeup processes that difficult to master. Don’t freak out. Here are the tips and tricks to help you better master the art of applying eyeliner.

The right product

For applying perfect liquid eyeliner, high-quality products are essential. It must be with long-lasting, smudge-proof formula and super pigmented that go on super-smooth and won’t dare bleed. Also, you can choose the liquid eyeliner with a felt-tip nib that allows you to create a solid line along your lashes or the perfect flick.

Eye liner pencil stroke on background

Apply shadow before liner

Here comes the rule – always apply your shadow first. Powder shadows create a dry base for liquid liners to stick to. If you are not a fan of any eyeshadow, you can at least lightly dust a bit of nude or neutral eyeshadow or wear an eye primer on your eyelids before liner. Then, your liner will be less slipping and smudging throughout the day.

close-up view of beautiful young woman applying eyeshadow with brush

Dot rule

We all want to line your eyes in one fell swoop. But as a beginner, it is, in fact, easier to start your eyeliner from the middle or try drawing tiny dashes or small-sized dots along your top lashes and connecting them together. It will be a smart technique to have your perfect liquid liner application.

Woman doing makeup and painting black arrows

Fix mistakes the right way

Sometimes our eyeliner screws up, but always remember it is not a big deal. If it’s too liquidy or heavy during the application, you can just take off some of the product by rubbing it along the back of your hands first. Also, you can dip the edge of pointed cotton into oil and wipe clean to perfection.

Woman in white bathrobe removing make-up


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