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Wearing makeup in the chilly months can be bad news for you if your skin can become extremely dry and flaky. It’s time to step up your hydration game and update your makeup routines for the cold weather. Follow the 4 game-changing makeup tips & tricks to ensure that your winter makeup is hydrating.

#1 Prep your skin

Apply moisturizer right after you cleanse to lock in the moisture left on your skin. Swap your oil-control primer with a hydrating one to add plumpness to your skin and create an even canvas for your foundation.

partial view of woman holding face cream in hands

#2 Mix oil/essence into foundation

Turn foundation from cakey to silky in a flash? Mixing a few drops of enriching face oils into your summer liquid foundation, or pairing with a dose of hydrating essence can instantly help your foundation blend better into skin with a dewy and hydrated finish.

Dropping serum collagen moisturizer of face into clear yellow bottle soft light background. Protector skin Treatment facial essence oil, Vitamin C. Beauty and spa Concept.

#3 Look for creams & liquids

Go for cream/liquid based makeup products if your skin is prone to flaking, such as cream blushes, cream concealers and highlighters. Layering powders on your face will only make your dry skin worse.

Brush and cream concealer. Cream concealer. Working with skin defects

#4 Choose creamy lippies

Stay away from long-wearing matte finish lipsticks that very likely will dry your lips out and settle in the cracks of your lips. Use creamy lipsticks with hydrating formulas instead. Be sure to apply a lip primer before adding colours to your pout.

Woman wearing lip gloss


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