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Retinol is a type of vitamin A, which is a powerful skincare ingredient to remove dead skin cells, promote cellular repair, and boost collagen production while reducing the signs of aging. Here are some hacks that help your retinol deliver better results.         

Ways to make your retinol work better

1. Apply it to clean and dry skin

Cleanse your face thoroughly first and wait until your skin is completely dry. Then, you can apply retinol to clean and dry skin. You should avoid using retinol on damp skin. The retinol will be absorbed into your skin more deeply and may lead to skin irritation.

2. Choose quality products

Invest money in quality products with high concentrations of active ingredients rather than products that look trendy. You should look for skincare products that are designed to deliver retinol. Dermatologists recommend using a retinol product that has a low concentration of 0.25% or 0.3% for beginners.

3. Start small

Start applying a pea-size amount of retinol to the whole face every other night first. Apply with fingertips in upward and outward motions. It takes a few weeks for your skin to adapt to the retinol product. It is best to increase the amount of use gradually as time goes on.

4. Remember to apply sunscreen

Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Please ensure you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every morning that protects you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

5. Be the first skincare item

The retinol products or other active ingredients need to be the first skincare product you put on but not the last one. Wait for at least 5 minutes before applying other products such as moisturizer on your skin.

6. Pair it with the right skincare products

Pair retinol products with the right skincare ingredients can make them work better.

Retinol + Hyaluronic = Less irritation, more hydration

Retinol + Niacinamide = Counteract dehydration

7. Find the right product for you

The form of retinol that you use can determine how potent the results can be and how often you need to apply. Find your right retinol product.

8. Apply it at night-time

Remember to use retinol products at night-time only. Don’t apply them with vitamin C products at the same time. Because vitamin C may damage vitamin A and make it less effective.

9. Avoid using products that may lead to skin irritation

Retinol can irritate your skin. Avoid combining retinol with potentially irritating skincare ingredients like beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), physical exfoliants, and scrubs.

10. Use Vitamin C skincare products in the morning

You are recommended to apply vitamin C and retinol skincare products at different times of the day. Vitamin C helps fight free radical damage during the day and retinol helps stimulate collagen production and accelerate skin turnover at night.


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