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When it comes to skincare products, you always focus on its functions rather than the ingredients. It is very common that there are few ingredients printed on the bottle’s label, but you don’t even know how to pronounce it or what exactly it is. Let’s take a closer look at what we have pay attention to!

What is organic skincare?

“Organic skincare” has become a buzz in skincare industrial. It refers to the skincare products that fit two criteria, non-toxic and sustainable. It is not only safe to your skin and health, but also does not conduct any animal testing. It makes our planet a better place.

Why it is better for you?

1. They are safe to your skin and health

When you want to go for organic skincare products, you have to make sure it is the Certified Organic skin care products. Certified organic products contain only top quality plant-based ingredients that are guaranteed to have never been exposed to pesticides, a serious health concern for everyone. Not only does organic skin care product keep your skin health, it also prevents you from getting health issue or affecting your hormones!

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2. They Stands for Purity, Quality and Trust

When it comes to organic, many of us may confuse with a similar word, “Natural”. Yet, the company doesn’t require any certification when they use the word “Natural”. On the flip side, Organic is under the regulation of YAYA Organics that demands total transparency and involves a rigorous verification process of the quality and handling of ingredients. So, the first thing to ware is to watch out for companies that claim to be organic but are not certified.

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3. They make our planet better

We are creating CO2 emission when we are using our hair spray or swirling the bath bomb that made with toxic chemicals, and it polluted out water source after we used it. And, it makes a negative impact on our ecosystem. Yet, using certified organic skincare products would make a difference in every stage of the planting process. What’s more important? Being certified organic also requires 100% cruelty-free which means those products do not conduct any animal testing.


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