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You have followed the Korean 10 steps skincare routine every day, you have done everything the dermatologist-recommended you to do. But, you still suffer from acne breakout from time to time. When it comes to the causes of acne breakout, it may affect by many factors, such as hormones level, diet habits, and even your daily habits. We are here to unlock 4 sneak reasons that you are having an acne breakout.

1. Blame your mobile device

We are living in the digital era, we are touching our phone 24/7. Yet, we seldom clean the body and the monitor of the phone, and, we just transfer all the dirt, bacteria and oil to our face when we are on the phone. Needless to say, Bluetooth headphone is another medium to cause acne breakout if we don’t clean it regularly. To avoid acne breakout, you should keep clean of your mobile device and Bluetooth headphone on a regular basis!

Female hands wipe the touch screen phone antibacterial wipes. Remove dust and dirt from the phone while walking.

2. Heavy makeup

We understand that we put our makeup a bit heavier than usual when there is a special occasion. Yet, if your makeup is heavy on a daily basis, you will be more likely to suffer acne breakout, especially you get sensitive skin. What’s happened when your makeup is too heavy? When too much foundation and concealer are put on your skin, your skin cannot breathe and give a boost of bacteria. As a result, it causes redness and acne breakout!

Close-up of woman eye with beautiful arabic makeup

3. Wrong skincare products

It is tempted to buy the latest skincare products advertise on social media. Yet, there are no one shoes to fit all. Choosing the wrong products may waste your money without seeing the result, it also may cause you acne breakout when it is not suitable for your skin type! When you switch to a new skincare product, it is normal to get a breakout. But, it should go away quickly once the adjustment period is gone. If your skin gets acne breakout constantly, it is one obvious sign that this skincare product is the wrong one. 

woman's hand touching on the cream for applying

4. Your hat is not clean

Anything that can trap sweat and bacteria against your skin and clog your pores, like the lining of a tight hat or a headband, can cause zits to crop up.

Confidence and determined Asian sports woman stretching arms outdoors against urban city skyline


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