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Sunscreen is one of our daily skincare essentials. We should use sunscreen everyday to protect our skin from sunburn, help reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevent wrinkles, dark spots. However, you may neglect some important areas to apply sunscreen and leave your skin exposed to potential sun damage.

Caucasian female is using lip balm for her lips.

(1) Lips

We know that applying lip balm to our lips can avoid dry and flaky lips. Your lips are delicate that are prone to be sunburned. Overexposure of your lips to sunlight without protection may lead to skin cancer. You can use a lip balm with SPF, which is thicker and long-lasting. Remember to reapply more frequently as talking, eating and drinking will remove the sunscreen on your lips.

young beauty woman applying cream or sunscreen on her neck

(2) Neck

All people know their face should be covered by sunscreen. However, people always forget to apply sunscreen to their necks and chests for sun protection. For outdoor enthusiasts or people who love to wear V-neck/ scoop-neck shirts, they need to apply SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to their chests and necks, especially the back and the sides. Remember to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Closeup shot of a beautiful young woman against a grey background

(3) Eyelids

The skin surrounding your eyes is thin and weak to fight against sun damage. You should apply sunscreen to protect this area. You are better to use mineral sunscreen to avoid skin irritation. If your eyelids are sensitive to sunscreen, go for broad-spectrum UV protection sunglasses instead.

Beautiful young girl applying hair spray on her hair, choosing a new hairstyle, looking seriously at the mirror, home bathroom interior. Beauty concept photo, lifestyle

(4) Scalp

Most people may ignore to apply sunscreen to their scalps. A sunburned scalp is very painful. How to avoid having a red, itchy and flaky head? You can use a sunscreen spray to protect this area of skin from the sun. Alternatively, you can wear a hat instead. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your hairline too!


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