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When you are walking at the beauty aisle, you notice that almost every counter is selling a small golden bottle (only 15ml!!) with a fancy price. Yes, we are talking about your facial serum! The serum is being a buzz among beauty bloggers, claiming that there are many benefits ranging from skin hydration, anti-aging, wrinkle softening, skin whitening and you name it. It is very tempting to get one even it costs you a bomb! As a wise beauty shopper, let’s know how to choose the right one before spending a fortune on it!

1. Know your own need

You are always surrounded by all kind of beauty tips or information from your friends, bloggers, and sales. Everyone is telling you her/his recommendation is the best among the market and exaggerating the effects on them. You have experienced that, right? So, the bottom line is to know your objective. The serum is a powerful and intense beauty product that can be quickly absorbed by your skin. Yet, each serum is formulated for different functions, you have to know own need: anti-aging or skin hydration? For example, if you want your skin more hydrated, yet, you choose an anti-aging serum. You can imagine you won’t see any effect you want!

beauty skincare woman with wrinkle problem on green background

2. Know your skin type

Everyone has different skin type, you have dry skin and your friend has oily skin. Your skin type sets a difference in the skin care routine between you and your friends. Not only is serum formulated for different functions, but it is also formulated for varied types of skin! As we mentioned, serum is packed with active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, antioxidant, Hyaluronic acid and etc. Take oily skin as an example, you have to choose serum with lighter ingredients like green tea or Hyaluronic acid. Why? As they can keep your skin hydrated and brightened, and they would not cause your skin to break out!

face care of rough skin, dry skin and skin problem

3. Know the ingredients

After knowing about the importance of knowing your skin type, you must wonder ingredients of serum too! As we know that serum is the product most absorbed by our face, the ingredients are vitally important. We need to be careful to look into its ingredient as it will cause acne pore, redness or skin irritation on our face. The clean ingredient is the first thing we need, only buy serum directly extracted from Earth-based products and avoid those made with synthetic preservatives or petroleum-based ingredients! One simple thing you can do is to observe if the serum is clean and clear enough through the bottle.

4. Know the rule of “One serum only”

You understand that you have to choose serum by knowing your need and your skin type. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can apply different serum to serve your needs at the same time. Always remember the rule of “One serum only”, pick the right serum to serve with your primary need so that you can observe how your skin responds to it. And, don’t forget to apply the serum on both day and night!

Portrait of white woman doing her daily skincare routine

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