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If you are worried about your trouble skin, here are what essential treatment for distress your skin! Red cica complex contains 6 core ingredients (EGF, Centella Asiatica Extract, Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiaticosude abd Asiatic Acid) to strengthen skin barrier and improve your skin texture. Check out the reviews for conditioning cream and cica cream below to maintain healthy skin condition.

Red Cica All In One Cica Cream

It is a moisturizing and light cream that calming your irritated skin by controlling the oil-water balance of your skin.

0531 pic1
0531 pic2b

I apply the All in one cream all over my face after serum and tonic. It leaves my skin hydrated without greasy

I like it a lot that my skin looks fresh and soft after using.  And I can see the pimples on my head got disappeared and it gives my face a beautiful glow.

0531 pic2c


0531 pic1c


0531 pic1d

Red Cica All clear Conditioning Cream

When I get stressed, I will have some spots on my chin and forehead. And the All clear Conditioning Cream had a great effect on my face!

0531 pic2
0531 pic2a

I like the texture of the cream that is a gel and transparent. I can even use the day during the day. It is very practical.

It is also very easy to use. It should be your last step of your skincare routine. Using your finger directly apply to pimples or acne marks to help soothe and heal. As it is not alcohol-based, it absorbs to my skin very well. It totally fulfills its function to calm my skin and helps relieve redness and swelling. It is highly recommended for skin with acne and breakouts.

0531 pic1b

Editor’s details

Anna, 25-30 years old, Sagittarius.

Dry skin type, crazy about facial mask.

Love desserts & Travel!


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