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Gym workouts are all the rage, but check this out: With more than 50 muscles, your face needs its own workout! Instead of spending a fortune on cosmetic surgery, these simple facial exercises can help you tighten muscles, minimize eye wrinkles, get defined jawline, and remove fine lines and other signs of aging.

Ready to work out? Let’s get started!

Tighten Your Face

Open your mouth and make the letter “O”. Hold this position for a few seconds, then smile as wide as you can. Keep looking forward while doing this. Repeat this set of exercises 5 to 10 times.

Tighten Your Forehead

Place one hand on each side of your head, with your pinkies touching the end of your eyebrows and your thumbs behind your head. Pull your forehead backward with your pinkies. Do this exercise 5 to 10 times.

Lift Your Eyebrows

Make a “V” on each hand with two fingers. Place these fingers underneath each end of your eyebrows and gently push your eyebrows up. Then, gently drag your eyebrows downward while providing resistance with your fingertips. This will help tighten your forehead and prevent eye wrinkles. Do this set of exercises 10 times.

Tighten Your Neck

Lean your head back and look up at the sky until your neck is fully stretched. Hold this position and repeatedly make your mouth into the shape of first an “O” and then an “E”. Do this exercise 10 times.

Get Defined Jawline

Put your thumbs below your chin, side-by-side. Then, push your chin down slightly to create resistance. And, slide your thumbs along your jawline to your ears slowly. Do this exercise 10 times.

Easy-breezy, right? You can do this whole set of facial exercises anytime and anywhere you want, without any equipment even! Work out your facial muscles and show the world a more youthful, attractive you.


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