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We always want to have a Korean skin that is glowing and poreless. But big pores are common and annoying. No worries! The range of Pink by Pure Beauty Bye Bye Pores is definitely a perfect choice for you. The ingredients of those products include Korea’s famous Jeju volcanic ash, thermal spring water, pink clay and charcoal. Here are the reviews on the Toner, Drying Lotion and Essence to help you get a clear complexion. If you’re also interested in the deep cleansing, click here to explore!

Pink by Pure Beauty Bye Bye Pores Toner

0322 pic_1
0322 pic_1c

After cleansing my face, I used a cotton pad to pat Bye Bye Pores Toner into my skin. As the toner is rich in minerals and contains 2 layers which are toner and pink clay, I followed the instruction to shake the toner before use. 


0322 pic_1a


0322 pic_1b

The toner is lightweight and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I can see the toner reduced the size of my pores. It is easy to use and good for the skin that I highly recommend the product to oily and acne-prone skin. it helps to prep your skin for the moisturizer and skincare routine later on.

Pink by Pure Beauty Bye Bye Pores Essence

0322 pic_2
0322 pic_2a

After the toning, I used the Bye Bye Pores essence to continue my skincare routine. It is a lightweight and silky essence that can be absorbed quickly. It helps keep pores from getting clogged and make them look smaller. It leaves my skin plump and smooth and even makes my pores less noticeable.

I apply the essence before moisturizer to nourish my skin and minimize the size of my pores. It is a really nice product that I would recommend to anyone.

0322 pic_2b

The hydration and oil level after using toner and essence

Pink by Pure Beauty Bye Bye Pores Drying Lotion

0322 pic_3

If you are with acne-prone skin and have a spot on your face, you will find this drying lotion very useful. It contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil that can penetrate deeply into your skin to remove oil and clog that has already formed. And it also helps to fight germs and acne and heal your skin. It has improved my troublesome skin’s appearance after use. And it is very easy to use. After toning at night, dab the drying lotion onto the spot. it’s a slightly thick consistency but it spreads very easy and will dry quickly. Rinse it off in the next morning. It helps clean and keeps your pores appear smaller.

About the Skincare Tips for oily & acne-prone skin, click here for more details.


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Product Review: Deep Cleansing with Pink by Pure Beauty


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