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Everybody wants to have a perfect skin complexion. Yet, there are some pores when you are under stress or hormones change, it is totally normal. Besides, you can utilize makeup products to soothe your skin. Despite the fact that you can hardly eliminate your pores, but, the good news is you can always perform skincare routine to make this magic happen! Let’s try our simple hacks to minimize your pores!

1. Clean your face at least twice a week

You may wonder how facial cleansing can minimize the pores already on your face. As we all know, when dirt clogs the pores, it will enlarge the pores. Therefore, it is very important to ensure all dirt and excessive oil. According to the dermatologist, you are suggested to clean your face twice a day, and, always clean your face with a cleansing brush. By doing so, it will help you to clean all the dirt, makeup and excessive oil.

Young woman washing face with clean water in bathroom

2. Exfoliate your face once a week

While keeping your face clean is so important, it’s the act of getting rid of dead skin cells that really keeps your complexion looking its best. According to the dermatologist, exfoliation is not limited to one method, both physical such as face scrubs or that cleansing brush. On the other hand, you can use chemical ways, such as products with gentle acids that encourage cell regeneration.

Woman scrubbing her face with a scrubbing brush.

3. Apply primer before foundation

Primer is a great option to smooth your pores. When it comes to minimizing your pores, you are suggested to use a silicone-based primer. Why? Silicone-based primers can fill in large pores (and small scars, and fine lines), but they can also be comedogenic (a.k.a. pore-clogging, which makes sense) and irritating to anybody with sensitive skin.

4. Keep your skin hydrated

The best way to keep you hydrated is to drink a lot of water. Yet, it is not enough to keep the skin hydrated. You may apply the hydrating serum before moisturizer, it helps shrink your pores by plumping up the surrounding skin. Just make sure you exfoliate often so your hydration can really work its magic — otherwise, all those great ingredients will merely sit on the skin’s surface on top of a layer of dead skin.


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