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They say Korean cotton pads are the secret to a proper K-beauty skincare routine. Have completely no idea what it is? Keep reading to find out why cotton pads are essential to achieve beautiful skin… 

#1 What is Korea’s cotton pad skincare?

When it comes to skincare, for many Koreans, what you use to apply your products matters too.  And they believe that cotton pads are essential to achieving clear, glowing skin. Why use cotton pads when they can use hands? The truth is bare hands alone are fine for putting on products, but they don’t allow them to be applied evenly or cover the entire face. That’s the reason why using cotton pads can help control application, particularly on specific, small areas, such as the under-eyes and the sides of the nose. 

Cotton pads for care of face and body.

#2 Why your skin needs Korean cotton pads?

Regular cotton pads are okay, but Korean ones are just smoother, stronger and softer. They just glide over your face like velvet, making them feel more like a spongey face wipe when cleansing or applying product without disturbing your skin. And the best thing is they don’t soak up all of the product, so they leave your skin feeling hydrated when used with your fave toner.

Woman pours a tonic on a cotton pad.

#3 How to DIY toner mask?

Toner mask has now become one of the hottest K-beauty trends. This means soaking two to three cotton pads into your fave toner or mist, and then stick them to your face like a mask. But be sure you stay away from products with alcohol, acids like AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C, as these will dry out your skin. 

Step 1: Dampen cotton pads with toner or mist.

Step 2: Once the cotton pads are thoroughly wet, place them on your face.

Step 3: Leave for 3-5 minutes.

Week 1 How to DIY toner mask

Uploaded by Social 365 on 2019-12-24.


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