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Everybody wants to have flawless skin, you have followed multi-steps of Korean skincare routine. Yet, you may not find significant improvement in your skin, why? When it comes to a multi-step skincare routine, the order of layer skincare products is the key to optimize the effect of different kind of skincare products. Keep reading down to learn how to layer skincare products according to a Dermatologist?

Step 1 – Serum

After double cleansing in the morning, what is the first layer of skincare products? A dermatologist suggests that it is smart to apply the serum first. The reason is simple as serum contains multiple highly concentrated ingredients. Prior to applying anything, a serum can be directly absorbed into your skin and acts as a layer of primer. You may try to apply antioxidant serum of Vitamin C serum into your daily skincare routine!

Beauty Asian woman use acne gel skincare after cleansing on face his happiness.

Step 2 – Targeted Treatment

What comes after serum? In order to smooth skin complexing, dermatologist suggests that we should focus on our skin issues, such as eye cream, bigger pore or acne breakout. So, we can apply targeted treatment according to our personal needs.

Shot of woman preparing for applying acne cream for solve her problem skin.

Step 3 – All-over treatment

After treating your skin problems, dermatologist suggests that an all-over treatment like antioxidant treatment or facial oil can be applied.

Step 4 – Moisturizer

No matter how much skin care products you put before, moisturizer is of paramount importance. A dermatologist explains that applying moisturizer later than serum and other treatment can seal in all incredible ingredients prior to that. To maximize the effect, dermatologist suggests that you may opt for a lightweight moisturizer.

woman's hand touching on the cream for applying

Step 5 – SPF Sunscreen (for morning routine)

As we all know how sun’s ray would damage our skin, not only does applying SPF sunscreen provide the layer of protection of our skin, but it also reduces the risk of aging skin.

Beauty Asian Woman use Acne Gel Skincare after Cleansing on Face His Happiness,Copy Space.

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