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As we all know, cleansing one of the most important regimens of our daily skin care routine. You probably are no stranger to “double cleansing”, and you are actually doing it day and night. Yet, it seems that two rounds of cleansing are not sufficient enough when our skin exposes to pollutants in the air. Now, everyone needs an extra round of cleansing to ensure your face to clean enough before going to sleep. Yes, now it is all about triple cleansing. Keep reading down to learn about what is triple cleansing and who is suitable to do it!

What is triple cleansing?

The fundamental concept of triple cleansing is to separate our current cleansing method into three steps. Most commonly, the first step involves oil-based cleanser to remove your make-up and then followed by the cream cleanser. Foaming or gel cleanser would be the last step to take up a notch. Indeed, you can also start with the baby wipes to remove make-up and remain the other two cleansing steps. Either way, it would be efficient enough for you to remove oil, sweat, and dirt from your face.

Asian woman looking at her face in mirror

Q: Who should perform triple cleansing?

A: Triple cleansing sounds like a promising method to keep your skin clean. Yet, many of you may worry about over-washing, it totally depends on personal need.  Since multiple cleansing can ensure all make-up, dirt and excessive oil are removed, it is suitable for those wearing make-up on a day to day basis. Besides, you may consider it as a seasonal option, it would be a good idea to perform triple cleansing when the weather is hot and humid.

face care of young woman

Q: What is the consequence of over-washing?

A: Event though triple cleansing is tempting, bear in mind that it is not a solution for all. If your skin is dry or sensitive, it might not be a wise choice for you. Our skin is clever; it knows how to react to a different situation. When your skin is dry and over-washed, it will produce more oil. Even worse, over-washing would lead to a barrier loss to your skin. As a result, you bear a higher risk of skin irritation or inflammation.

young business woman looking concerned at herself in hand mirror.


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