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Taking a “less-is-more” approach in your skincare routine can be just as effective as loading up on all the latest beauty products. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to skincare, as shoving on too many products on your face may cause skin irritation and breakouts. And who has time and money to follow such a complicated skincare routine? Let’s simplify your skincare regime with this 3-min beauty routine you can actually make time for.    

Step #1 – Facial Cleanser (1 min)

Don’t just grab anything you can lay hands on in the shower. Apply a gentle cleanser or makeup remover with fingertips to your damp skin and massage in a circular motion. Then, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Do not use hot water as it removes the natural oils from your skin.

Young woman washing her face

Step #2 – Toner (30 secs)

When it comes to toners, make sure to use one that with an alcohol-free formula. Take a cotton pad and soak it in toner. Wipe gently around your face to restore your skin’s pH balance and prep your skin for your next skincare steps. Avoid rubbing your skin as it will stretch your skin and lead to wrinkles.

Behavior that puts toilet water on cotton.

Step #3 – Serum (1 min)

How to maximize the benefits of the serum? Put one or two pumps of serum on your palms, then rub it between your palms to warm the product for easy absorption. Also, it’s key to apply your serum on moist skin as the active ingredients in the serum can penetrate on a deeper level.

Dropping serum collagen moisturizer of face into clear yellow bottle soft light background. Protector skin Treatment facial essence oil, Vitamin C. Beauty and spa Concept.

Step #4 – Moisturizer (30 secs)

The final step in skincare routine. The trick is to apply it while your skin is still damp to help seal in moisture. For day, choose one with SPF and while for night, pick one that’s a bit more nourishing. If your skin is extremely dry, you can swap your p.m. moisturizer for a face oil. Don’t forget your neck – give your neck the same attention you give the rest of your face.

Skincare. Woman taking care of her dry complexion. Moisturizing cream in female hands isolated. Beauty treatment.


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