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Sometimes it may seem difficult to manage your skin if you need to wear surgical mask all day. The good news is the below products that are formulated to help prevent breakouts and clear them up as fast as possible. Read on to find out the reviews on the spot treatments to fight breakouts under your mask.

AC Collection Blemish Spot Clearing Serum

For the acne prone and sensitive skin, the clearing serum is really good for soothing breakouts and clearing red and dark acne spots.

0611 pic1
0611 pic1b

The serum is formulated with a watery liquid that is lightweight and is dispensed through a dropper. The liquid texture make it absorb quickly into your skin and doesn’t leave a tacky feeling.  

The serum not only helps get rid of my acne, blemishes, redness and acne scars, it also smooths and refreshes my skin. It totally reduced pigmentation from my acne blemishes! You can notice major improvements within just a few days.

0611 pic1c

30 days miracle tea tree clear spot oil

We all know that tea tree oil is a powerful weapon against acne. This spot oil is a one drop calming solution!

0611 pic2
0611 pic2b

It is a natural essential oil that contains 150,000ppm of Tea Tree Oil for sebum caring, tea tree leaf water for excess oil caring and panthenol and allantoin for moisturizing. This spot oil is not only effective, but also gentle on the skin.

Apply it directly on the trouble spot and use it at the last step of your skin care regime. It instantly soothes skin trouble and takes away excess oil on the skin. It is perfect as a spot treatment.

0611 pic2c

Pink by Pure Beauty Drying Lotion

If you are with acne-prone skin and have a spot on your face, you will find this drying lotion very useful.

0611 pic_v2
0611 pic3b

It contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil that can penetrate into your skin to remove oil and clog that has already formed. And it also helps fight against acne and heal your skin.

It has improved my troublesome skin’s appearance after use. And it is very easy to use. After toning at night, dab the drying lotion onto the spot. Rinse it off in the next morning. It helps clean and keeps your pores appear smaller.

0611 pic3c

AC collection Acne patch

If you’re a fan of COSRX’s AC collection, you’re going to want to add this ance patch to one of your favorite collection.

0611 pic3
0611 pic4b

Each pack comes with 26 hydrocolloid patches in three different sizes. I like that there are different sizes to choose from that stick better to my skin.

They are thin and adhere well that stay on even overnight. The patches help reduce the chance of bacteria spreading and causing new breakouts.

0611 pic4c


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