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It’s common knowledge to have a shower to clear up our dirt and make us clean. But shower can actually cause our acne breakouts. It’s time to correct your bad habits in shower to avoid acne from breaking out. Let me show your common shower mistakes.

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Mistake #1 – shower frequently

Showering too often actually makes you dry out, so shower more than once a day can irritate your skin. It’s important to choose your bathing time based on what you are going to face that day. For example, shower in the morning for washing the byproducts created overnight. Shower before bed for removing pollutants. And shower after exercising for cleaning away sweater.

Woman in the shower, back side of young female showering under refreshing water, healthy lifestyle, enjoying time in luxury spa resort

Mistake #2 – over-exfoliate

Normal exfoliate is good for skin to remove the dead skin cells, but if over-exfoliating can have opposite result. Overdoing with exfoliants, body brushes or loofahs can remove healthy skin cell, cause the skin irritation, lead to breakouts and higher risk for scaring as a result. So it is suggested to exfoliate two or three times a week.

Arrangement of the spa and bathroom equipments.

Mistake #3 – haven’t replaced your sponge

It is common to rub the sponge or loofah on our skin during shower. However, if we haven’t replaced our sponge often, it will be filled with germs and dead skin cells. In addition, sponge keeps in the bathroom where is in high humidity that provide ideal environments for bacteria growth. Such a sponge rubbing on skin can cause even more breakouts. Change it often or invest in an antibacterial sponge to take care of your skin.

Light catches loofahs hanging from a rack.


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