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With environmental concerns, sustainability has been a hot topic in recent years. In the beauty industries, more and more packaging suppliers start looking for some sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging to minimize environmental pollution. Here are the tips for you to choose eco-friendly packaging beauty products.

Paper-based products

Paper is one of the powerful materials that are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. It can be often used for the boxes and outer packaging of the products. It can not only reduce energy waste during product design and production but also reduce waste. It is the new trend of ECO-friendly packaging for beauty products in the future.

3d concept of tubes kind of cardboard packaging

Refillable packaging

Refillable packaging can help eliminate plastic waste. Customers can mix and match easily the products without consuming another packaging and replace them when they run out. It is a green choice and new customizable format to reduce the amount of plastic needed for packaging.

Blank Plastic Bottle with Pump Dispenser For Branding, 3d illustration.

Cut Out Wasteful Elements

Multi-layered product packaging designs have been considered as a luxury to the beauty brands. Cutting out wasteful elements is a packaging reduction method to minimize packaging design. And reducing unnecessary packaging is a new trend to save resources and the environment.


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