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Combination skin is a special skin type that some parts of your skin are oily and acne-prone and other parts are dry, sensitive and flaky. That’s why you need to choose your skincare products carefully. Here is the ultimate guide to living with combination skin. You can find the right products that suit you!  

The woman who takes care of her face

(1) The best cleanser for combination skin

Avoid using harsh face cleanser with active ingredients for combination skin. These face cleansers may cause skin redness or irritation. You should choose a gel or liquid texture face cleanser which is mild. If your combination skin is acne-prone, you can use a face cleanser containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid to treat breakouts.

Smiling woman with short hair, bald cleans the skin coffee skrub, studio shot, close-up portrait

(2) The best exfoliator for combination skin

Choose a gentle face scrub for combination skin to exfoliate your skin regularly. Don’t over-exfoliate your skin. Twice a week is enough. Exfoliation can remove excess oils without stripping away your natural oils, remove dead skin cells and draw out the dirt, impurities to avoid clogged pores. Over-exfoliation will dry out your skin and lead to over-production of sebum.

woman look somewhere and touch face with beauty skin care concept

(3) The best moisturizer for combination skin

For the people with combination skin, you should avoid over-doing or under-doing moisturization. Over-doing moisturization may make your skin shiny and greasy. Under-doing moisturization may dry out your skin. You are better to look for a multi-tasking moisturizer. You can pick an oil-free and lightweight moisturizer to restore skin’s balance and lock in skin moisture without clogging pores. Avoid using thick and rich face cream, which will make the problem of T-zone area more serious. For the people with acne-prone skin, you can use non-comedogenic products to avoid breakouts.

(4) The best spot treatment for combination skin

You can use different types of skincare products for different face areas as spot treatments. Generally, use face scrub on the nose to prevent blackheads and whiteheads. Use a clay mask on oily T-zone to absorb excess oil and draw out the dirt and impurities. Use a moisturizing serum to avoid the dryness of cheeks. And, use benzoyl peroxide cream to treat acne. Remember to apply the treatments for the problematic or infected areas only. This can avoid drying out your skin.


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