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Many people prefer spray-on sunscreen as it is an easy and quick application. Spray sunscreen is a good pick in your beauty bag as you can reapply sunscreen easily when you go outside. Sunscreen in spray form is also convenient to apply when you go for water sports.

(1) Hold the nozzle close to your skin and spray generously

Sun text on sunscreen applied with spray on woman arm at poolside

For an adult’s body, you should apply about an ounce of spray sunscreen to fully cover the whole body. But it is hard to see how much you are applying when using a spray sunscreen. You may use not enough sunscreen or miss some spots such as the back of your neck and your back. A good rule of thumb is to spray generously until your skin glistens.

(2) Rub it in thoroughly

Young female runner standing and putting sun lotion on hand. Girl using sunscream before sport running exercise on summer morning. Sports and healthy concept.

Although the spray sunscreens are labeled “No Rub” formula, you should rub the sunscreen in for at least 10 seconds after spraying to get an even layer of coverage and until your skin glistens. Ensure you apply enough sunscreen and don’t miss any spots.

(3) Keep spray away from face and avoid inhaling it

Young woman sitting on sand seashore, holding bottle of sunscreen lotion before applying, close up of hands

Never spray sunscreen near your face and your mouth to avoid inhaling dangerous ingredients. Some spray sunscreens contain harmful chemicals like Titanium Dioxide. It may lead to lung irritation if you inhaled directly. You should apply the spray sunscreen on your hands first. Then, rub it on your face evenly and avoid your eyes and mouth.

(4) Don’t spray near heat or open flame

No Fire Vector Sign icon symbol, No flame sign icon

Although most sunscreens are not flammable, it can be flammable when used in spray form that contains alcohol. Never spray it in a windy environment and near heat or open flame.


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