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Everyone’s skin is different, even after reading reviews and recommendations, the skincare products we’ve tried may not work actually. But no one likes wasting skin care, how about repurpose it? Here are the possible ways to give new life to your unused skin care products.

Repurpose your moisturizer as hand cream

It may be the best way to reuse skincare products that will work for pretty much all product types. Even if it doesn’t work for your face, let’s reuse it as hand cream. Since many moisturizers also contain brightening and moisturizing ingredients, you even get the added bonus of fading age spots and hyperpigmentation, which is a common concern if your hands get a lot of sun. 

Mix facial oil with lotion or use it on your lips, cuticles and elbows

We know that a good facial oil may turn out to be too heavy or greasy for your face. You can reuse the face oils on your lips as an overnight treatment under a thicker lip mask or balm. You can also repurpose your facial skincare oils to the areas that need some extra attention, such as knees, cracked heels and elbows. Or you can mix the oil into a body lotion or balm for special care for your body.

Facial Cleansers as Beauty Tool Cleaner

If the foam cleanser or a micellar cleansing water that just didn’t work out for your face, then you can consider to use it as deep cleaning your makeup brushes, sponges and even beauty tools.

Exfoliators work for your body or a Scalp Treatment

Exfoliators are hard to buy that you never know how your skin will react to the dosage and type of acid used in them. For the leftover, you can apply a layer onto your scalp pre-wash. Our scalp is just like our skin that may have too much buildup, causing problems with our hair health as well. Massage it to help release all the old skin cells and product buildup. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, then do your usual shampoo and conditioning routine.


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