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Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and leaving moisturiser out of your skincare routine is a huge mistake that you can’t afford make. Forgoing moisturiser could end up creating unpleasant side effects for your skin. Read on and find out four major bad things that could possibly happen when don’t moisturise your skin probably.

Problem #1: Itchy & tight skin

Your skin feels itchy and tight after you shower and dry off? This is what happens when you don’t use lotion after you get out of the water. A hot shower can strip your skin off its protective oils and moisture. So as soon as you get out of the water, towel dry yourself gently and apply moisturiser to lock in moisture and replenish all that has been lost.

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Problem #2: Wrinkles & fine lines

Dehydrated skin often shows accelerated signs of ageing. When your skin is lacking hydration, it can trigger chronic, low-grade inflammation causing a breakdown of collagen, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin. Plumping up your skin with a moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid day and night can keep wrinkles at bay and make those you already have less worse and prominent.

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Problem #3: Dull & flaky skin

If you forget to moisturise, your skin will get rather sandpapery, patchy and dull. Dehydration decreases the volume of blood flow to the skin, making you look ashy or pale. And without adequate hydration, your skin will have cracks in its surface, so it will become rough to the touch. Slathering on moisturiser can fill in those gaps between skin cells for a smooth and radiant complexion.

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Problem #4: Increased sensitivity

Dehydration leads to inflammation and redness. When your skin’s protective bodyguard is disrupted, it fails to stop external irritants such as bacteria, chemicals and environmental debris from penetrating through and to protect what lies within, leading to common symptoms like redness, stinging and irritation. But, just as the skin barrier can get damaged, it can also be repaired. The best thing you can do is hydrate your skin around the clock to keep your skin barrier strong!

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Importance of Moisturizer in Your Skincare Routine


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