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If dry and irritated skin has been your normal skin condition, your skin barrier might be damaged. It is not too late to improve your situation. Here is all you need to know about skin barrier and how to repair your skin.

The skin barrier can be aggressed by different elements found in the modern cities as pollution, air conditioning but also some bad cosmetics, more recently with global pandemic that wearing all day a protective mask can also modify superficial skin barrier.

The skin of people living in modern society is today submitted to:

– pollution

– particulate matter

– bad cosmetics

Substances can be found inside the human skin as XENOBIOTICS

(chemicals not produced naturally by the human body):

biphenyls polychloride, dioxin, nitric oxide and others.

These substances and the modification of microbiome and of the skin barrier are inducing…

A. discomfort, tightness, tingling, “feelings of heat”, itching, etc.

B. uneven skin tone, dull skin, rough skin, sagging, redness, “early” fine lines.

According to skin problems that can occur on the skin under the mask we can recommend adapting a specific product that could be applied mornings and evenings.

A VERY GENTLE CLEANSER and A SOOTHING CREAM and used regularly mornings and evenings would help to decrease most of skin problems induced by mask wearing. If the problems persist people should not hesitate to see a dermatologist.


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