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Overwhelmed by the world of face masks? How to choose the right face mask? We just made it easy for you. Here are four most common “facial situations” you may come across. Let’s see how different masks can tackle targeted skincare issues with immediate results. Who said face mask are just for women? 

Situation #1 – Hangover skin

A rejuvenating sheet mask is the best hangover cure that gives you a morning pick-me-up. Popping the mask into the fridge before putting it on your face to help depuff and revive your tired-looking, dull skin.

Sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock early in the morning

Situation #2 – Dry skin after hours spent in the office

That cool blast from the A/C in the office can dry your skin out. A hydrating face mask will bring your dehydrated skin back to life. Be sure to look for those packed with effective moisture-boosting ingredients, for example, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

close up of hands of business person working on computer, man using internet and social media

Situation #3 – Oily skin in times of stress

Stress at work creates high levels of cortisones, a hormone which can lead to oily skin and breakouts. Go for a deep cleansing clay mask to help suck the dirt and excess oil from your pores like a vacuum cleaner. Do not overuse. A weekly deep clean is good enough. 

Silhouette of stressed business man in the office.

Situation #4 – After-shave skin irritation

A quick fix for your irritated skin? A cooling, soothing gel mask is of course a very effective way to get instant relief while calming your sensitive, reddened and irritated skin. Then followed by moisturizer to keep your skin well-moisturized and healthy.

Man with foam on his face is shaving with razor, close-up

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J-Beauty deep cleansing for oily skin

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