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Corporate Social Responsibility


Do Good, Feel Great

Corporate Social Responsibility practice at PT Duta Intidaya Tbk isn’t just obligation. The company sees it as exciting opportunity for always do good that bring postive impact to the community in sustainable way.

Company contribution to the community forcused on: Workplace, Customer Responsibly, Environment, and Community.



The Company’s workplace is governed by regulations that set by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia. The Company aims to provide a comfortable working environment and conduct iniviatives to develop its employees, such as awards for employee who work more than a certain period of time, product knowledge and customer service training, employee development training and free gift of Watsons brand for employees who are having their birthday. 

In conducting its business, the company also pledges to never employ underage workforce and always  committed to follow regulations that set by the Ministry of Manpower of Republic Indonesia.





As a retail company, the success of the company cannot be seperated from the trusts given by all customers and public. To continues and maintain the trust, the company always implement an integrated management to  ensure the selling products have a good quality standard as well as implement good customer service.





The company understands the importance of maintaining and perserving the environment, particularlly at this time when environmental become global problem.

Some company innitiavie that has been carried out as effort for environmental sustainability are using biodegradable plastic bag, energy saving practice in stores, and utilize recycle paper.




As a Health and Beauty retail, the Company always took the innitiative to conduct activity that will bring benefit to the community in order to enhance their helath and beauty of themselves, such as health talk or beauty class.