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Excellence Fashion 6.13 Golden Nude Brown

Excellence Fashion 6.13 Golden Nude Brown
Rp136.900 30% off
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Product Details
Excellence fashion #6.13 golden nude introduces the latest variant of exclusive fashion colors inspired by the glamorous life of Paris. Excellence fashion gives you intense color. The conditioner is enriched with Shine Complex. The content of ceramide, amino acid, and collagen helps protect and maintain hair strength. Hair feels soft and protected from hair breakage due to brushing.
Hair dye that protects hair before, during and after coloring. Fashion excellence is enriched by:
1. Shine complex
For more beautiful light reflection on hair
2. Intensive pigments
For longer lasting hair color
3. Triple care formula
To protect, maintain strength, and nourish color-treated hair.

Product Usage

1. Wear gloves that come in loreal excellence packaging.
2. Open the end of the developer bottle and remove the applicator cover.
3. Pierce the top of the dye tube with the end of the cap.
4. Put all the contents of the coloring tube into the developer bottle and
5. Put the developer cover back on.
6. Cover the end of the developer bottle with a finger that has been wrapped in a glove and shake until the two ingredients are well mixed.
7. Place a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes from dye.
8. Comb your hair and apply precolor serum to the ends to protect your hair during the coloring process. Wait two minutes before coloring and do not rinse off the serum.
9. Use the tip of the applicator to apply the dye to the hair roots.
10. Apply the dye to the rest of the hair thoroughly using gloved fingers or an applicator comb.
11. Leave the hair for 30 minutes and then rinse until the water is completely clear.
12. Use the protective conditioner that comes in the hair dye pack and leave it on for two minutes.
13. Rinse and style hair as usual.